How to Resize a Metal Watch Bracelt with Micro Adjuster

Here is the transcript from the above video on using the micro adjuster to adjust watch bracelet size.

"Hi, my name is Tyrus Cabrera. I'm the service center manager for Nixon. And we're going to talk about how to size your brand new Nixon watch.

So if you do find that you're right in between link sizes, there's a feature right here called the micro adjuster that you can adjust in right in between. It's like a half length size.

I'll show you how to adjust the micro adjuster to pull this a little tighter.

There'll be anywhere from one to four holes right here on the side of the clasp. And those are like belt notches, the sizing. So we're going to bump these out to the largest size here and work our way in.

So we'll just take our small punch and press down on the spring bar and just a little bit. And then just enough to get it clear to the next hole. And then we'll do it on one side and we'll turn the watch over and we'll do it on the opposite side to do the same thing. Press that spring bar down and slide it out to the next position.

We'll make sure that's in there, and then we'll give it a try. And that's much better.

It just gives you a little bit more play. It was just too tight before. And if you were to put in a whole link, it would have given me too much play.

But right there with the micro adjuster, sizing makes it nice and comfy for me."

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Properly Fitting a Metal Watch Bracelet

Getting the process down for adjusting a metal watch bracelet is easy once you know how to do it. But do you know how a watch is supposed to fit?

How you wear your watch ultimately comes down to personal preference, although there are some basic guidelines that can help you find the sweet spot.

First off, don’t make your watch too tight. There should be a little freedom for your watch to move around the wrist, or it will feel too constricting.

But, don’t make it too loose! No one likes their watch sliding up and down their arm all day. The bracelet is an underrated but important part of every wristwatch.