If you know you want to buy someone a watch as a gift but have no idea where to start – we’ve got you covered. Here are three questions you’ll want to ask yourself as you look around Nixon.com, along with suggestions depending on your answer.

How to Pick a Gift Watch

Going through these three simple questions will help you narrow down your search for the perfect watch.

And if you’re still not sure, you can check out the Nixon gifting option. Visit the watch you think your recipient would want and click the “Gift Now” option. You’ll be able to send a virtual gift that your recipient can decide to accept or exchange for something else they’d prefer.

If that’s still too tough of a decision, send them a Nixon gift card!

Question #1: What budget are you working with?

This question will narrow down the gift watch options considerably. Here are some collections and products to consider for every budget:

  • For high rollers, consider the Nixon Spectra, an Automatic movement watch that makes a great gift for anyone. If you’re looking for a baller gift size-wise, the 51-30 Chrono is one of the most popular and collectible Nixon watch models available. With no budget limitations, you can start your search in any Nixon collection.
  • For those with finite budgets, this collection of watches under $200 is for you.
  • For smaller budgets, head over to our collection of watches and accessories under $150.

Question #2: Does the recipient own watches already?

If the answer to this question is no, then this is an opportunity to help get your recipient’s foot in the door of the watch world. Depending on your budget, here are two watches (in various) sizes, materials and colors) that are prime for first timers:

If the answer is yes, then consider what kind of watch they own. For smartwatch owners, finding a classier watch that can be worn on special occasions is a great idea. Many stainless steel watches can be paired with formal looks, so it makes for a solid option. For watch collectors, you’ll want something that stands out. Go with something from our collection of Automatic watches.

Nixon holiday gift watches and accessories

Question #3: What kind of activities does the recipient enjoy?

If your recipient is into a specific physical activity, your gift hunt is going to be a breeze. Here are some popular activities and Nixon collections to check out for each:

  • Travel: People who love to travel will appreciate gifts that make traveling easier. Consider the Re-Run, a stainless steel digital watch that includes a dual time feature, perfect for keeping track of time at home and abroad. Many of our digital watches have this same feature. You can also check out our travel bags for an accessory that travels well.
  • Surf (and other water sports): Scope our collection of surf watches to find a watch that’s water resistant and packed with features that help you get the most out of your time in the water.
  • Sport / Fitness: Our collection of sport watches covers the gamut of activity. For example, check out the Ripley or Regulus Expedition for recipients who enjoy hiking and camping, or the Heat for runners.

For more gift suggestions, check out our Nixon Gift Guide or see what Nixon employees are gifting this year. You can also see how Nixon watches look on different wrist sizes on our Nixon watch size guide.