Stinger44watchwithproductspecificationcalloutsdesktop Stinger44watchwithproductspecificationcalloutsmobile
Close up detail shot of Stinger 44 in Silver/Blue/Black

Dive Bar Ready

Made for every day use while keeping that dive watch feel. We've made it slim and placed the guarded crown at your 9 to keep it comfortable in any environment. Plus, it's powered by light to keep you going. Consider this your fully functional, everyday go-to. Learn More.

Indicies and hands lit up in dark room, showing luminescent special feature.

Let's Glow

Light up the night with a luminescent watch. Activated and charged by light, our luminescent timepieces will light your way through darkness. We’ve implemented eye catching and useful features into select timepieces with active indices, hands, and dials. Shop Full Luminescent Collection.